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T4 Training

What is it?

Building a better body with Axeman. 

Welcome to the official blog of Sunderland's very own Axeman, expert personal trainer.

For the next eight week's I will be showing you first hand how you can transform your body through the correct diet and exercise. 

Anthony Mcdermott has a goal to lose fat and build muscle before he heads away on his holiday follow this blog and follow Anthony's journey to a better body .

He has committed to a diet and exercise programme I have designed specifically for him in order to show you that getting your perfect body can be done with the right attitude and commitment.

About Axeman

My Mission Statement To You

“I am your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner and your support group. I provide everything you need to burn fat, to build muscle, to gain confidence and to become your best self.  

I change lives.”

They call me Axeman because of my razor sharp focus to fitness and my heavy drive towards my goals.

I first stepped into a gym when I was 13 years old, obsessed with Arnie (like most boys back in the 80’s) I looked to become my idol by soaking up magazines, hints & tips and learning as much as I could.

As a skinny kid I was bullied at school and didn’t have a lot of confidence in life.  The weights and bodybuilding were my saviour and it helped me sculpt an emotional and physical identity that transformed my ability to engage with life.

For over 25 years I have continued to learn and implement as much as possible on a personal journey to building the better body and in 2012 this culminated in me taking to the stage in my first bodybuilding competition.

I have personal trained people for years and now I’m offering you the chance to take advantage of all my expertise, passion, drive and commitment to help you achieve that better body.

I offer 1:1 & 2:1 sessions, online coaching as well as nutritional guidance and planning.

Whatever your motivation is to get to that next level or to take that first step on your new quest then I am ideally placed to guide you along that path.  I’m not someone who has been training for a year or two – I have years and years of experience under my belt.

Remember, you can’t build a better body by looking at Pinterest or Instagram. 

You need to make a conscious decision to start and follow it through.

Lets get there together!


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Based from xercise4less Sunderland, North East of England


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Introduction (26/04/16)

I’m Anthony McDermott from Sun FM. I recently turned 30yrs old and decided the time was right for me to get myself back into shape again after many years of staying away from the gym! I wasn’t in terrible shape, although the wife’s comments of me ‘getting a bit thick around the edges’ certainly struck a chord! Coupled with an upcoming holiday abroad, I knew I needed some help! I came across Lee after reading about his personal journey and his routine through his website and his social media posts and decided to call him. We spoke about the 8 weeks that I had until I flew out and the fact I wanted to try and achieve the ‘upside down triangle’. Lee was so reassuring all the way through and I knew from the start that Id enjoying working with someone who clearly had the knowledge.


Meeting Lee (29/04/16)

After arranging a consultation with Lee down at Xerciseforless, I had no pre-conceptions and really didn’t know what to expect from a personal trainer. Once I met with and chatted with Lee at length about me and what I’m looking to achieve, he talked me through the various options that were available, all completely built around me and to what I need! We decided on an intense 4 times a week training routine (1hr per session) as well as a diet plan all carefully planned by Lee. This diet would consist of many small meals consumed through the day to give me the protein my body needed for both growth and repair throughout the sessions as well as complete cleanse to ensure no ‘bad fats’ would be taken on-board throughout the process. This meant no more pizza or alcohol for a whole 8 weeks! :o With this all planned out. Lee advised me he’d write me up a complete plan over the coming days and get it over to me asap. This would include what supplements I would need, what he expects of me, a food diary, a diet plan and some short term goals (true to his word, he sent this the next day!) We decided to start me the week after and so Monday 2nd May, it begins!

Week 1 - Words by Lee 

"Meeting Anthony was a real pleasure.  I felt his energy immediately when he told me about his upcoming holiday and how he wanted to become more healthy and create a better body for himself.

These are the core values i look for when working with new clients; that self drive and determination to improve no matter what can make the whole process so much more rewarding.

Our initial consultation was very easy.  Anthony answered all my questions honestly and we mapped out an 8 week program which included 4 sessions a week with myself and a nutritional 'guide' for him to follow.  I don't believe in a dictatorship so we decided that he had to really be involved and do his part in his nutrition.  This type of partnership works much better when people need food guidance.  It also places ownership on the client more.  I can't spoon feed people after all.

When it came to game day Anthony was quite rightly nervous.  I showed him our 8 week program and gave him lots of assurance that i would be his mentor and tutor all the way to ensure his safety was not compromised and that we would work as time efficiently as possible while maximizing his development - these are the key functions of my T4 Training method.

Because Anthony already has a basic hold of gym training we opted for a 4 day split routine from the start.  Monday is Shoulder and Biceps, Tuesday is Legs, Wednesday is Chest and Triceps and Friday is Back and Biceps.  Week 1 flew over and provedvery rewarding for us both.  As many will testify about themselves, Anthony thought he had a secure knowledge of how to train, and while he certainly knew the basics, he was a novice when it came to the T4 training method.  As a great student he soaked up everything I instructed and pushed himself really hard throughout the week.  I would say that Leg day was Anthony's biggest challenge as he was not familiar with the squat which is a great all round mass builder, however after we worked hard together he was pushing up the bar easy and safely.  The end of the leg session was hugely rewarding to see him virtually exhausted due to giving me 110% of his effort.

At the end of Week 1 -I'm extremely happy with our progress so far.  This week was all about getting the basics of T4 training right and building upon it.  

Bring on week 2!"

Week 1 - Words by Anth

Wow, what a week.

Certainly been a shock to the system, but only in a good way!

Our first session on Monday was a real eye opener for me and my current fitness levels! Having done an hour long - cardio intense shoulders and biceps session, the sweat was dripping for all to see!

As someone who has previously trained, it was surprising to find that many of the exercises on the T4 training method were completely new to me.

Lee was fantastic throughout the week though and ensured he took the time to demonstrate and explain the benefits behind every exercise as we went through the week.

The diet plan set by Lee was one I'd initially thought I'd struggle with, but like anything once I was in a routine, the constant but correct eating throughout the day along with the correct supplements at the correct times, became second nature. After just one week of being 'Axeman'd' , I cant wait to get cracking with week 2 and I'm sure we'll start seeing some changes soon!




Week 2 - Words by Lee 

Well what an improvement!  From week one I have seen a dramatic increase from Anth in his training already.  Its no surprise to me but the body can adapt very quickly to stress.  Its one of our many defining characteristics.   In a few of his exercises Anth has already jumped the weight by double.  This not only reaffirms my belief that he is driven, but also cements that biological and physiological proof that change is easy and quick.

Last week proved a bit of shock to Anth as he had not been trained like this before and naturally his body reacted by creating DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) which is a 'good pain' to be honest.

Anth is getting to grips with the exercises very easy and we managed to cut down our exercise time to around 45-50 minutes as there is very little learning / instruction to perform now.

Week 3 will see an increase in intensity and then we will change the routine around to keep his body guessing.  Well done mate.

Week 2 - Words by Anth 


Wow, after the eye opener of week one! My body had recovered over the weekend and I was raring to go. Week two, my sessions seemed to pass by much quicker, this was largely due to now knowing the exercise and the techniques that Lee had taught me meant we go straight into training with very little instructional time needed. The week was spent with starting to step up the weight while still working on the cardio  element AND still controlling my diet! Lee has been superb in this balancing act though and the regular motivational texts have kept me bang on track. Bring on week 3!


Week 3 - Words by Lee



Week 3 - Words by Anth 

Well, 3 weeks down and nearly at the half way point! Again this week my strength has improved! With Lee’s technique training I already really feel like I’ve grown so much stronger. Having been measuring my heart rate on lee’s advice, I can even see during the cardio section at the end of each session that my heart rate has dramatically improved, meaning I’m not only growing stronger but also fitter and of course healthier. It’s been amazing after just 3 weeks to have had so many comments on how I look like I’ve lost weight in my face already! Bring on week 4!


Final Week - Words by Anth 

Wow, after 8 weeks of training we are complete! Just looking at the before and after pictures in truth tells its own story, what a transformation! Without the help of Lee I couldn’t have done this. His expert guidance, patience and dedication to both my ‘in gym training’ and ‘out of gym’ lifestyle changes have been second to none and I can’t thank him enough. Every step of the way he has reassessed my diet and my training and where changes were needed, we made them together. Lee’s knowledge of the gym and each and every muscle group is phenomenal and the T4 training style ensures full body workout every time! I look forward to keeping the knowledge that Lee has passed on to me and I can promise if I ever need a PT again, I will make sure I call Lee.




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