drowning prevention

In the last 5 years 803 people have died across the UK's coastline. With the right information, some of these could have been avoided.

Sun FM and Sunderland City Council have teamed up to help prevent any more school children from drowning across Wearside and we need your help to be able to do this.

Schools across Wearside have been selected to work on a Community Safety Drowning Prevention Programme across May and June. The project will be delivered in a fun, interactive manner and in conjunction with true life radio experience.

What will happen?

Your school has committed to working alongside Sun FM and you will be taking part in a competition with a maximum of 10 other schools in the area. Your pupils will need to write and produce a 40’’ [JF1] advert to encourage young people to stay safe around the rivers and open waters of Sunderland.

In late April you will receive a video briefing which will feature Ben Mitchell from RNLI in Sunderland and some messages from Chloe Fowler’s friends. The briefing will talk about the information we would like to be included in the advert.

You will also receive a video briefing from Sun FM’s team. This will offer help and advice on how to create the perfect script, including sound effects and suggested voices.

Important information

Sun FM are happy for as many groups of children as you wish to take part to create an advert, however we ask that each group consists of no more than six children.

We suggest a teacher overseas the activity and works with the children to further inspire and help with the project.

You will require recording equipment, however, we will give you access to free editing software if you need it.

You will have until May 26th 2017 to send in your entries.

Sun FM, RNLI and Sunderland city Council will then shortlist all entries for the competition.

You will be informed in June 2017 if you are one of three finalists in the competition.

* Finalist's will be chosen from three different schools*. 

If you are a finalist, the children who created the advert will be invited to present their radio advert in front of the leader of the council.

Before the presentation your children will be invited into Sun FM where they will be given a station tour and will be coached by Sun FM staff and our creative manager on presentation delivery and how to sell their advert to the judging panel.

Sunderland City Council will then choose their favourite advert which will be aired on Sun FM for two weeks, crediting your school.

Sun FM will present all finalist schools with an award during assembly including a presenter appearance, giving you great PR opportunities!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


This is an initiative from Sunderland City Council.


Take a listen to a fantasic example below. Created by school children in The North West (kindly supplied by UTV Radio)

This is the type of thing we are striving to achieve! Have you got what it takes?

Salford College Advert - Jon's Group


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