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11:57am 13th September 2017
(Updated 12:05pm 13th September 2017)

More people on Wearside and across the North East are still looking for work.

The latest set of unemployment figures have been released, and our region's seen an increase of 8 thousand job seekers.

North East unemployment now stands at 77 thousand or 6 per cent of the population out of a job.

Paul Carbert, policy adviser, North East England Chamber of Commerce said:

"The latest figures released this morning show a small increase in unemployment in our region over the previous three months, but an increase in the employment rate over the past year. The North East has seen the greatest fall in unemployment of any region over the last 12 months. Although the recent results are not as positive as previous months, we are still in a much better place than we were a year ago."

"Our Quarterly Economic Survey for Q2 2017 has shown that our members are positive about future workforce growth, and recruiting for permanent, full time roles. Almost half of the Chamber members responding to our 2017 Workforce Survey said that they have faced skills or labour shortages over the past 12 months. This indicates a need to align training and upskilling programmes, with business aspirations to open up opportunities for jobseekers. We will be calling for the Government to make this a priority in the upcoming Autumn Budget."

Angela Wright, HR Officer, of Seaham-based Prima Cheese, a Chamber member which exports its products all over the world said:

"The annual figures confirm our own experience. Since joining Prima in June 2015 our workforce has increased to 106 employees from 54 employees. In the past year alone our headcount has increased by 27%."

"We are currently in a continuing period of business growth and to support this we are installing a further production line, in addition to our existing three and we expect to increase our team by a further 15% by April 2018."

N"ot only will permanent positions be created in our production area but we will also be creating roles in all departments to support with the increase in production levels."

The key statistics are:

"    Employment in the North East stands at 1,212,000 or 71.8% - a fall of 11,000 over the quarter but an increase of 7,000 over the year. This compares to a rate of 75.3% nationally.

"    North East unemployment stands at 77,000 or 6.0% - an increase of 8,000 over the quarter, but a fall of 20,000 over the year. This compares to a rate of 4.3% nationally.

"    The claimant count stands at 54,200 or 4.4% in the North East. The national claimant count rate is 2.3%.

This data covers the period May 2017 to July 2017.

The next release is on 18 October 2017.

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