Charity highlights the shocking statistics of children drinking

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6:20pm 6th December 2017
(Updated 6:40pm 6th December 2017)

Shocking statistics have been revealed around the subject of children drinking in the North East.

Balance have found that over 16,000 children aged 11 to 15 are drinking regularly.

With half of adults in the region believing that providing youngsters with alcohol, in a supervised situation, ensures they know how to handle it in later life.

They say that 9,300 children in the North East have been drunk in the previous month

Director of Balance, Colin Shevills, spoke to Sun FM earlier today.

Listen to his response in full below:

Professor Peter Kelly, Public Health England North East Centre Director, said:

"The harm alcohol causes is much wider than just on the individual drinker, excessive alcohol consumption can harm children, wreck families, impact on workplace colleagues and can be a burden and drain on the NHS and economy.

"It hits poor communities the hardest. As a nation we are drinking twice as much as we did 40 years ago and there are more than one million alcohol-related hospital admissions a year, half of which occur among the most deprived groups.

"In the North East we are working with our partners at a local, regional and national level, including our local authorities, the NHS and police to help shape policies and interventions designed to reduce the harmful effects of alcohol."


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