Sunderland mum struggles to collect a British Empire Medal

Violet Atkinson mum of Steven 2009 rtc victim

6:40am 12th January 2018
(Updated 7:11am 12th January 2018)

A Sunderland mum is set to be awarded a British Empire Medal, but is struggling to finance a trip to London later this year.

Violet Atkinson has for almost a decade campaigned to help save lives on our region's roads, following the death of her son Steven in 2009.

He was killed by a speeding driver on Chester Road in Sunderland and would have been 21 years-old this year.

The single mum from Ford Estate was nominated by Northumbria police and "Brake" the road safety charity for the royal award, but she says financing the trip to collect it is beyond her abilities.

She's appealing for help with the costs of going to receive the award on behalf of all of those who have campaigned on dangerous driving.

Violet Atkinson and daughter in Sun FM studio

Violet tells us she thinks that there are more deserving people to receive a royal award, but she is amazed by the honour she has been nominated to collect from the Royal Palace.

Violet Atkinson mother of Steven fatal car crash victim in 2009

If you can help Violet represent all those who have campaigned for the victims of dangerous driving and can assist her in her trip to London please contact Violet on email at


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