The ships are arriving as Sunderland welcomes visitors to the city

Port of Sunderland Tall Ships

6:34am 10th July 2018
(Updated 7:55am 10th July 2018)

Over 20 more vessels are due to dock at the Port of Sunderland throughout today.

It's as the Tall Ships Races arrives, and the the city prepares to welcome an expected 1 and half million visitors.

This is the busiest public opening for the Port, since the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Exhibition 6 years ago this week, in 2012.

Queen's visit to Sunderland Port

Sun FM's been speaking with Harbour Master at the Port, Captain Kevin Ullah, who says everyone will get a great view.

Port of Sunderland Harbour Master Kevin Ullah Port Director Matthew Hunt 3

Kevin who is originally from South Shields, also explains what happens when the vessels arrive and how it's much busier this week than an average period at the Port.

Vessels from far and near are en-route to the Port of Sunderland.

From the Mir from Germany to the Black Diamond of Durham from Hartlepool, over 20 ships are docking today.

The Harbour Master Captain Ullah, tells Sun FM the team are ready after what's been a busy weekend.

For more information and advice that you need to know for the tall Ship Races Sunderland just click the image below.

Port of Sunderland Tall Ships sign

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