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Siglion is a joint venture between Carillion and Sunderland City Council, for which igloo Regeneration is providing development, asset and fund management. It was launched in April 2015 to carry out Sunderland’s largest ever regeneration project to create new jobs and new places to work, live and relax.

Our city centre-based team is totally committed to developing and regenerating five major sites across the city at the Vaux site, Seaburn and Chapelgarth then Farringdon Row and Numbers Garth.

In addition, we now own an impressive investment portfolio of 100 industrial, retail and office properties with around 700 tenancies.

The Siglion team brings together specialists who have long-term experience of major regeneration projects, and a shared vision of building a strong, confident future for the city.

Our approach has people at its heart, with the team meeting and consulting local people every step of the way to create a strong community who are involved with and proud of the changes planned for the city. If you’re from Sunderland we’d like you to be part of it!

Our five priorities are to:
1. Improve concentration of new economic activity in the city centre
2. Create a city centre that supports such higher value job creation
3. Bring dormant areas such as the former Vaux site back into use
4. Offer a wider choice of housing to the market
5. Position Sunderland as a place to invest

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Siglion's masterplan for Seaburn aims to put the area back on the map as a seaside destination, with seafront cafes, restaurants and leisure spaces, plus new houses and apartments for residents.


Chapel Garth

At Chapel Garth a major residential development with new shopping, community and leisure facilities has been proposed.

Siglion development director, Katie Sully, said: "People do have a real say in the plans for their communities."


Vaux Site

The Vaux Site plan will create new public spaces with path and cycle routes along the cliff edge and through the site, with high quality public open spaces and continuation of the Keel Line linking the cliff edge to the City Centre via Keel Square.

The first phase development is being designed by architects Fielden Clegg Bradley Studios and the masterplan by urban designers URBED.

Siglion is also devising a strategy for using parts of the site prior to  construction starting and during its development to keep it open to the public and attract people to the site.





John Seager

Chief Executive

Paul Stewart

Asset manager for Siglion.

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